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Do you enjoy Italian dishes? This cuisine has for long amazed many with how rich it is. Italians know their way around their kitchen, and there is no denying the fact that their rich sauces and pasta are one of a kind. They have passed down their techniques from one generation to the other, and often when you come across an amazing Italian chef, the chances are high that the recipes in play came from an elderly member in the family.

Their methods are so fantastic, and rarely do they need some tweaking, not to mention the fact that they exude a lot of mystery that keeps people wanting more. It is hard to understand how deep the techniques go as the recipes are rooted in tradition. However, with some good cookbooks in tow, you can get a new perspective on these foods. Luckily, many Italians are coming forward with variations, ready to share recipes passed down to them from the previous generations and their reception is overwhelmingly good. From how to make good pizza to what it takes to cook delicate pasta, these books offer you the chance to hone your skills in the kitchen. It all comes down to choosing an in-depth book that caters to the needs of even those who are new to cooking. Here are some great options:

The Glorious Vegetables of Italy

The Glorious Vegetables of Italy Cookbook

Though this book has a focus on vegetables, it is not at all vegetarian, making it an excellent choice for anyone leaning toward healthy eating. Here, you have access to everything from pasta to soups to main courses, divided into sections, allowing you to choose what fits the occasion. And though the focus is on greens, the meals are in no way bland.

The Silver Spoon

The book’s initial publishing was in 1950, and the idea behind its creation was to provide comprehensive knowledge as to Italian dishes. With fifteen hundred pages to pore through, you have access to both complex and straightforward meals, giving you the tools, you need to impress people with your skills in the kitchen.

Cooking by Hand

Other than focusing on providing extensive knowledge on matters Italian cooking, this book works to awaken the imagination, allowing you to think of what could be, thus making you creative in your recipes. It has a conversational tone that will enable you to appreciate the ingredients and the preparation procedures all the more.

Essentials of Classical Italian Cooking

Learn hte Essentials of Classical Italian Cooking.

This book came to be thanks to the dedication of one Marcella Hazan. It is important to note that Italian cuisine was often misrepresented and was thus a mystery to American audiences for centuries. Towards the latter half of the twentieth century, writers and chefs came out to shed light on the techniques involved and the beauty surrounding these foods, thus creating an interest in the audience.

Marcella started by publishing a two-volume cookbook in 1973, which she titled The Classical Italian Cookbook: The Art of Italian Cooking, and the Italian Art of Eating. Americans could relate to the book as it did not only demystify Italian Cuisine, but it also inspired them to be creative regarding food preparation. Furthermore, it provided new recipes which were easy to embrace.

She later merged the books to create what is now known as Essentials of Classical Italian Cooking. The beauty of this book is that it works for all ages and all levels of experience. Rather than focus on picture-perfect images, her concern lay in detailed instructions, and she thus earned the title as the Julia Child of Italian Cuisine. Who better to bag this honour than the woman who shed so much light on this popular cuisine?

Having any of these books will give you the foundation you need to excel in making Italian meals. Which choice suits you best?

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